‘There’s No Conspiracy Here’: Hannity Fires Back Against Accusations He’s Promoting Trump


Sean Hannity has become the latest conservative media figure to express frustrations with people accusing him of being in the tank for Trump, and he hit back on his radio show today.

Hannity responded to a ThinkProgress piece on how he’s interviewed Trump so many times and acts less like an interview than “a member of Trump’s campaign staff.” And even some anti-Trump conservatives aggregated it to express their frustrations with the conservative Hannity.

Hannity denounced it as a “hit piece” and insisted he’s neutral on the GOP race. He claimed that because ThinkProgress is an outlet of the Center for American Progress, which was founded years ago by Hillary Clinton‘s now-campaign manager John Podesta, the article was clearly put out because of his attacks on Clinton and President Obama.

That being said, Hannity did also have some choice words for the #NeverTrump crowd, saying he wants no part of the conservative “circular firing squad.” His executive producer proceeded to read off stats showing that Cruz has gotten more time on Hannity’s radio show than Trump and has made 2 more appearance on Hannity’s TV show since he announced than Trump has since he announced.

Hannity spent a lot of time talking about the equal time thing; he did not address the accusations that his interviews with Trump have been full of softballs and he hasn’t really challenged him on much.

In fact, this response on RedState to Hannity today sums it up pretty succinctly:

This kind of simplistic response really misses the point of the entire article. The complaint we raised at RedState (and, quite frankly, which was noted with 100% accuracy by ThinkProgress) was not about the number of interviews given to Donald Trump, it was about the fact that when Hannity “interviews” Trump, he does so without generating any actual news or friction at all…

When he interviews Donald Trump, it’s mostly to confront him about how awesome he is. And that was the point of the piece.

Listen above, via The Sean Hannity Show.

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