‘These People in Black Robes Are Tyrants’: Michelle Malkin Rails Against Federal Judges

Frequent Fox contributor Michelle Malkin stopped by the set of Fox & Friends Thursday to give her thoughts about President Donald Trump’s revised travel ban and the federal judge in Hawaii who stayed it on Wednesday.

“So what do you make of the fact that this U.S. district court judge — who was an Obama nominee — said about the president’s travel ban 2.0 ‘nope that’s really a Muslim ban, based on what he’s said in the past?'” asked show co-host Steve Doocy.

From there Malkin launched into an impressive soliloquy attacking the judge’s authority to strike down the ban. “It is surreal and it is a huge usurpation of basic duty and fundamental obligations that the Commander and Chief has to defend and protect the Constitution.”

… and things went from there.

“These people in black robes are tyrants,” she warned. “They make up out of whole cloth these rights that are now being claimed by people outside of the country.”

She accused Judge Derrick Watson, who stayed the ban, of creating “a right to future immigration from all over the world,” something she called “flabbergasting.”

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