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They Finally Buried Casey Kasem

The saga of Casey Kasem has finally come to an end.

Six months after his death, TMZ reports that his body was finally buried in Norway.

More from the report:

We’ve learned the famed DJ was buried last Tuesday at the Vestre Gravlund, one of the largest cemeteries in Norway. We’re told there was a small ceremony … we don’t know if Jean was there but we’re told his kids were not. Casey’s children didn’t know he was even buried until Monday.

The burial is legally significant. The LAPD has been conducting an elder abuse investigation after Casey’s kids filed a police report claiming Jean caused Casey to get a fatal infection during a wild, multi-state car ride.

As we’ve been reporting for months, the legendary DJ’s illness and tragic death have been subject to massive scandals involving legal disputes over his health care and eventual corpse between his wife and his children. At one point, his body went missing after being last seen in Montreal.

Yeah, it’s been an ugly saga. May he rest in peace finally.

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