‘They Have Been Saying Things That Were Fake News’: Jake Tapper on Jeff Sessions and Michael Flynn

Following Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ press conference where he announced he was recusing himself from any investigations into presidential campaigns, CNN anchor Jake Tapper gathered a panel to discuss the news.

Tapper noted that while this is a “breaking story, it is actually the “oldest story in Washington,” as it was more about the cover-up or refusal to be forthcoming with information than that actual incident itself.

The CNN host then decided to take some shots at President Donald Trump and his penchant for using the term “fake news” when it comes to dismissing any stories revolving around his administration/campaign and Russia.

“President Trump has declared several times that Russia is fake news,” Tapper said. “Anything having to do with Russia is fake news.”

He then brought up not only Sessions and his conversations with the Russian ambassador, but also former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who was ousted last month.

“And he’s right in the sense that when it comes to Michael Flynn and now Attorney General Sessions,” Tapper stated. “They have been saying things that were fake news, at least according to their critics. They have been saying things that were not true.”

He continued, “Flynn was not honest with Vice President Pence, and now many members of the senate judiciary committee think that Senator Sessions — now Attorney General Sessions — was not honest with them. That’s fake news.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

[image via screengrab]

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