‘They’re Not Our Polls…’: CNN Reacts in Real Time After Trump Blasts Them on Twitter

CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Poppy Harlow decided to take on Donald Trump after the president got on Twitter to bash the network in the middle of their show.

The hosts of New Day were speaking with Philip Rucker on Monday morning in order to discuss the upcoming House Intelligence Committee meeting over the Trump campaign’s alleged connections to Russia. Trump has made his feelings known by denouncing the allegations against him as “fake news,” though he decided to hop back on Twitter to slam CNN for talking about a certain poll earlier today:

Trump was referring to a new Gallup poll showing that his approval ratings have dropped to 37%, his lowest point yet since taking office. Cuomo took notice of Trump’s tweet, and Harlow reminded Trump on air that “they’re not our polls, they’re Gallup polls.”

“It’s very different to poll people’s opinion of a sitting president as to how they may go vote,” Harlow said. Rucker expressed hope that Trump was watching, to which Cuomo dryly responded, “oh, he’s watching.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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