Things Got a Little Awkward With Jon Lovitz in the Chicago Cubs Broadcast Booth


Ok, so what was up with Jon Lovitz today?

The comedian made a cameo at Wrigley Field on Friday to throw out the first pitch and sing Take me out to the Ballgame.

After a first pitch that he bounced to the plate, and a rendition of the song in which he seemed to slur a few words, the actor stopped by the WGN broadcast booth in the bottom of the 7th inning.

And it… was… awkward.

It’s hard to tell if he was intoxicated. But Lovitz did seem to mumble at certain points, and his words did trail off, and there were a few totally random tangents.

Among the most cringeworthy moments, Lovitz tried to make a domestic violence joke — which, as you might expect, fell totally flat:

Cubs play-by-play man Len Kasper: Have you ever witnessed a no-hitter in person?

Lovitz: Don’t think so. No.


But I would never hit a woman.

Kasper: One strike on Jon.

Lovitz: Oh, hitter! I thought you said hit HER.

Kasper: No hitter. Baseball term.

Lovitz: Oh.


I would no — never hit… I mean, no. I haven’t.

From there, the City Slickers star attempted a ridiculously clumsy segue, as he started talking about Willie Mays and Ernie Banks, for some reason.

Then, after two more minutes of awkward banter, Lovitz asked Kasper a truly bizarre question.

“You ever tempted just to dive out the window? You’re having a bad day. You go ‘Eh, I’m just gonna jug it.'”

Kasper, to his credit, rolled with it is best he could. But it wasn’t easy. Check out the crazy seven minute sequence above, via WGN.

[image via screengrab]

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