#ThingsHillaryWillNeverHave Prompts Major Slams on Clinton From the Right and the Left


Hillary Clinton 7There’s a new political hashtag going around this Saturday, and it’s giving Hillary Clinton‘s critics every incentive to blast her online and say she’ll never have the presidency…among other things.

#ThingsHillaryWillNeverHave has been trending on Twitter for approximately 20 hours, and while it’s precise origins aren’t clear, the Twitterverse is seeing an influx of negative pictures and memes about the Democratic Party’s nominee.

A lot of users contributing to the hashtag are Bernie Sanders supporters who are still angry that their man capitulated to the former Secretary of State. Sanders’ Internet-savvy voters tried this once before earlier this week, and it seems some are in the mood to try again.

Of course, you know that Donald Trump‘s supporters and conservatives in general would only be too happy to get in on this as well.

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