Third American Doctor Reportedly Infected with Ebola

An American doctor has reportedly contracted ebola, the third to become infected with the virus after two Americans had to be evacuated to an American hospital several weeks ago.

The doctor, whose name has not been released, was at a hospital in Liberia where ebola patients are being treated, but was working not treating any ebola patients themselves. “It is not yet known how the doctor contracted the virus specifically,” reported SIM USA, the missionary organization the doctor is representing.

“Upon onset of the symptoms, the doctor immediately isolated himself and has since been transferred to the ELWA Ebola isolation unit,” SIM wrote in a statement. “The doctor is doing well and is in good spirits.”

The ebola outbreak has claimed more than 1,300 lives, the deadliest bout in the virus’ history. An American doctor and a missionary became infected with ebola last month, and were transferred to a special CDC unit in Atlanta, where they were successfully treated.

[h/t SIM USA]

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