This Basketball Player Tied Her Shoe in the Middle of a Play, and Someone Stole the Ball From Her

This one was ill-conceived.

In the second quarter of her team’s game against Rutgers, Northwestern guard Ashley Deary tried to tie her shoe in the middle of the play, while she was charged with handling the ball.

She took a couple of dribbles after fielding the inbounds pass and was all by herself in the backcourt when she bent over to tie her shoe. She let the ball go, and it rolled just a few feet in front of her.

But that was enough for Khadaizha Sanders of Rutgers to come and swipe the ball.

Deary quickly stumbled to her feet and tried to get back on defense. But she couldn’t prevent Shrita Parker from laying it up and in.

Fortunately for Deary, Northwestern recovered to win the game.

Watch above, via Twitter and the Big Ten Network.

[featured image via screengrab]


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