This Cloud Literally Rains Tequila

If this is the future of rain in Mexico, they’re going to need a wall to keep us out. Mexico’s tourism board is trying to lure travelers out of cold, rainy weather with a different kind of rain, and said new rain will get you drunk.

How does this all happen? Put tequila into an ultrasonic humidifier, and it vaporizes. When the vapor condenses, it precipitates, and the precipitation is tequila. But honestly, does it matter? It’s raining tequila — that’s all you need to know. Don’t get too excited yet, though. The clouds won’t be in the sky anytime soon. The Tequila Cloud was an exhibit at Urban Spree, a gallery in Berlin earlier this month and was placed there by the tourism board to encourage German tourism.

Watch the video above, via VisitMex.

[image via screen grab]

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