This Exists: Eau De Bieber? Teen Pop Sensation Launching Fragrance Line

People of Earth: Soon you will no longer feel the inadequacy of smelling different than teen pop sensation Justin Bieber. Because, thanks to the smart folks at Etoile Nation Beauty (and the sure-to-be impeccable fragrance choices of young Mr. Bieber) you can now choose between FOUR custom fragrances to impress your friends. Finally, the “change we can hope for” that so many voted for in 2008 will soon be upon us.

This, according to Gossip Cop:

The pop star is launching his own fragrance line, called “My World,” but with a twist.

Rather than funky-looking bottles, Bieber has teamed up with Etoile Nation Beauty to create wristbands and dogtags infused with a unisex scent.

The teen sensation has personally picked out the scents, named Icon, Energy, Tour and Web.

Read the entire write-up at Gossip Cop, OR spend the next few weeks focusing on what brand best fits your personality: Icon, Energy, Tour or Web.

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