This Exists: Iceland Rewrites Their Constitution Using Suggestions Through Twitter

Fareed Zakaria spoke today on his CNN show about how he was intrigued by Iceland’s decision to throw out their Constitution and create a new governing document for the nation. Even more exciting and unique, was Iceland’s decision to accept suggestions for the new Constitution through social media applications like Twitter and Facebook, from all of its 320,000 citizens.

Zakaria was not only impressed with the transparency of the process, but the willingness to engage in the process at all. By contrast, in America, Zakaria noted “any talk of revising or revisiting the American Constitution is of course seen as heresy.” Yet Zakaria believed our Constitution could use some modernizing, particularly Amendments addressing the Electoral College and the unfairly disproportionate representation of Senators.

The coolest part though is kids in Iceland now have a legitimate excuse to spend all day sitting in front of the computer: they are helping to shape the government and could potentially be a “founding father!”

Watch the clip below from CNN:

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