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This Exists: New Campaign Ad Depicts Nancy Pelosi As Wicked Witch of the West

Perhaps the most important part of the following campaign ad is not the hackneyed portrayal of Wizard of Oz characters, its depiction of Nancy Pelosi as a witch or that the candidate it is promoting appears to be a friend of Dorothy, dousing the Wicked Witch with water. No, the most important part of this ad comes at the very end, when candidate John Dennis is heard to say “I approve this ad.”

Sure, there may be some voters in Pelosi’s San Francisco area congressional district who, after watching this video, shout out loud “hell yeah!” before deciding to vote for Dennis. But there are likely just as many undecided and independent voters who will walk away from this ad with a greater sense of frustration and even deeper questions about John Dennis’ overall judgment to approve such a dopey and sophomoric ad.

Clearly Dennis campaign advisers are taking cues from Fox News (and Mike Gallagher in particular, who had previously joked about throwing water on Ms. Pelosi.) One would think that there’s plenty of room to criticize Nancy Pelosi on actual policy – turning her into a caricature seems more likely to engender sympathy, not frustration.

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