This Exists: Truck Crashes And Releases 14 Million Bees On Idaho Highway

Aw, there’s nothing better than a news story that sounds like the plot of a terrible made-for-TV movie. On U.S. Highway 20 in Idaho this past weekend, a semi-truck crashed and let loose its interesting cargo: hundreds of bee hives. Soon, the street was covered in a “river of honey” while the sky was filled with 14 million angry bees. Not exactly the recipe for a pleasant Sunday drive.

There’s good news though. While the bees forced rescue workers to wear protective gear, they were able to kill most of them with firefighting foam. Everything’s all clear then, right? Not exactly. In a news report from local station KIFI, Fire Chief Kenny Strandberg pointed out the next concern: grizzly bears.

God, this would make an awesome made-for-TV movie. Someone get on that! All you need is to have the bee truck crash into a truck carrying some kind of bee-mutating radioactive material and you have absolute television gold!

Until that movie gets made (I’m looking at you, Syfy Channel!), enjoy the news report from KIFI below:

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