This Exists: Woman Walks Into Oncoming Train While Lighting Cigarette

First off, for those who read the headline and got nervous, no, she didn’t die. We’re not really much for that Darwin Awards-style humor here.

Anyway, a Massachusetts woman was hospitalized after accidentally walking right into a train because she was distracted by lighting her cigarette. Remember, kids, smoking is bad for your health.

From CBS Boston:

“MBTA police say Sandra Gawlik, who works across the street at the Center Cafe, was trying to light her cigarette on the platform.

Apparently Gawlik was so focused on trying to get her cigarette lit, she was unaware how close she had wandered to the tracks.

Gawlik walked right into the side of an approaching train and was knocked to the ground.”

Jeez. This reminds me of an opening scene from one of the trickier Six Feet Under episodes. You know, where you know something bad is going to happen to one of the people on screen so the show keeps playing with your expectations and you’re all, “Oh, she’s got a cigarette! She’s totally gonna get lung cancer! Oh, wait. No. Train.”

Either that or the bus scene from Final Destination.

Ok, no, it probably wasn’t anything like that bus scene. I just really like linking to it.

Anyway, you can watch a news report on the story from NECN below:

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