comScore This Guy’s Football Throw For a Million Bucks Went So, So Wrong

This Guy’s Football Throw For a Million Bucks Went So, So Wrong

You’ve got to feel for this guy.

Joey Delk of Nashville, TN, had a shot to win $1 million as part of a promotion which aired on ESPN Monday afternoon in advance of Monday night’s college football National Championship game. Delk was tasked with throwing a football through a target from 25 yards away. If successful, he’d walk away with the million.

From that distance, the target must have appeared as small as a thimble to Delk. All the nerves, all the pressure, and Delk had to try to execute a throw that would be difficult under normal circumstances.

Undaunted, Delk took the ball with the crowd cheering him on. He ran up to the line, heaved the ball, and…

Yeah…it wasn’t even close. The ball went straight into the crowd, at least 10 yards short and five yards wide of the target.

The best thing that happened for Delk was that ESPN analyst and former Ohio State quarterback Kirk Herbstreit stepped up next and himself missed by quite a bit on two attempts. His misses weren’t as bad as Delk’s, but still — c’mon Kirk! You were an Ohio State quarterback once.

Watch above, via ESPN.

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