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This Man Was Declared Mentally Ill for Identifying as an Atheist

A Nigerian man who openly identified himself to be “ex-Muslim” was declared to be mentally unstable and placed in a psychiatric ward. Mubarak Bala reached out to the Godless Mom blog and said he’s been prescribed drugs and injections “as a psycho patient, on false account that I have been deluded telling people am a senator and governor and minister.”

And all he said to set off people’s alarm bells was openly identifying himself as an atheist.

Bala wrote, “If I am helpless and discharged home, they could fake something like my suicide, to rid themselves of the scum, they have been threatening such, ever since I declared openly I’m an ExMuslim.”

And in addition to that, other inmates there have been told that has has “insulted Islam and the Prophet” and his life has been threatened.

The International Humanist and Ethical Union raised awareness about Bala’s case this week, and Bala has a lawyer taking up his case now. He explained that “Kano is a Sharia state and there are many similar cases occurring, where people are forcefully oppressed just because of their beliefs or for conservative religious reasons, or for the ‘honour’ of their family.”

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