This May Not End Well: NYC Drugstores Now Selling Do-It-Yourself DNA Paternity Tests

Recent studies indicate that the number of fathers are unknowingly raising children that aren’t their own; roughly 2% of all fathers in the study are unaware that their wives gave birth to a child conceived with another man. A pretty small number to be sure, but 2% of the roughly 4 million fathers in New York city works out to 80,000 disappointed, angry and humiliated dudes walking around America’s largest city. Why is this suddenly relevant? Because NY drug store chain Duane Reade is now selling do-it-yourself paternity kits. Great.

According to CBSNews New York:

The do-it-yourself kits are being sold at Duane Reade stores across the state for $29.99. The tests will be administered at the store’s walk-in clinics for a total cost, which covers lab fees and other charges, of about $300, .

Steve Smith, the executive director of Identigene, said the cost is still significantly cheaper than the traditional paternity testing process carried out at private labs.

According to state law, buyers must get authorization from a doctor or lawyer and have the test witnessed by third parties.

Watch the report from CBS News New York below:

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