This New Tostitos Bag Will Call You an Uber if You’re Drunk

shutterstock_181527260Tostitos has released a new chip bag that will not only tell you when you’re drunk, but will also help make sure you get home safely on this year’s Super Bowl Sunday. In order to get the limited-edition bag, you have to purchase a participating bag of Tostito’s chips, enter the bag’s bar code on their app, and they’ll send it your way.

The bag is able to detect alcohol- any amount of alcohol- on your breath, according to Grub Street, if you breathe on, into, or at it. If you’re breathing into your chip bag, however, you already know. Go home, you’re drunk. If you’re sober, the bag will light up green. If you’ve been drinking, the bag will light up with a red steering wheel and the words “Don’t drink and drive.”

Once it’s been determined you need a ride, you can tap the bag with your phone and get an Uber to come to your location- Tostitos will even give 25,000 people $10 off their rides home.

[image via Tyler McKay / Shutterstock, Inc.]

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