‘This Sh*t’s Not Funny Anymore’: GOP Strategist Calls Trump ‘Extinction-Level’ Threat


Screen-Shot-2016-08-12-at-9.30.49-AM-1Conservative communications strategist Matt Mackowiak went on a major tweetstorm last night, blasting Donald Trump for his repeated controversies and saying the mogul will cause incalculable damage to the American conservative movement.

Recent polls suggest that Trump is falling behind Hillary Clinton, and Mackowiak said that the reason for this was that Trump keeps blowing his chances to win independents by constantly saying incendiary things. Mackowiak said Trump could still win if he accepts that certain states are lost to him, and shows enough discipline to not further risk his hold on undecided voters in battleground states.

Even so, Mackowiak didn’t seem very optimistic on that possibility, seeing as he noted Trump was “threatening elected GOPers at all levels,” that he is an “extinction-level event” and that Trump doesn’t seem deeply concerned about how he’s facing a revolt from significant GOP figures:

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