This Week Blows Up as Mary Matalin Demands Van Jones Retract ‘Whitelash’ Remarks

picmonkey-collageDuring a panel discussion on ABC’s This Week, political commentators Van Jones and Mary Matalin went at it over Jones’ much-played post-election comments about the results being a “whitelash” against Barack Obama.
Matalin demanded Jones retract those comments while discussing with another panelist about Democrats’ takeaways from the election. Jones then jumped in and reiterated that he stands by his comments that race played a factor in the election, especially from the alt-right faction.

Matalin responded back that he should tell his children that he went to Yale and is a published author. She also added that he shouldn’t be a “racial polemicist” when he noted that he was the first person in his family born with all of his rights, leading to Jones blowing up.

When Jones said he’s spent more time being a “racial reconciliar” than Matalin, she shot back that Jones didn’t know anything about her. He retorted that she obviously didn’t know anything about him.

Eventually, Jones said that if he can’t point out the “alt-right whitelash” reaction without being called a “racial polemicist,” there was going to be a “big problem.” The panel then began talking over each other while host George Stephanopoulos looked on shell-shocked.

Watch the clip above, via ABC News.

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