This Woman Got Pulled Over by The Cops For Driving Without an Ice Cream Cone

Interacting with a police officer- especially when you’ve just been pulled over- is always at least a little bit nerve-wracking. Right now in particular, tensions are especially high between law enforcement and the African American community. This week, officer Brian Warren and Halifax, VA police chief Kevin Lands decided to help alleviate some of that tension.

When the two officers pull over this driver, it starts out, seemingly like a typical stop, and the driver is incredibly nervous. Warren asks the woman, “are you aware of why I pulled you over today?” “No. I mean, no sir,” she answers.

He asks her, “are you familiar with vehicle code 1739?” he asks. He continues, “Well, it’s actually against the law to drive on a hot day without an ice cream cone. So on behalf of the Halifax Police Department, we’re just making sure everybody is following all the laws today and are driving with ice cream.”

The driver is visibly shocked and starts laughing, and Warren and Lands hand her and her passenger two ice cream cones. Watch the video:

At a time where relations are strained and violence and protests dominate the news, this is a welcome moment of positivity.

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