Tina Brown Strikes Back At Howard Kurtz On Twitter: ‘Didn’t I Fire You For Serial Inaccuracy?’

Three months after Howard Kurtzmoved on” from the Daily Beast over his inaccurate article about basketball player Jason Collins’ coming out, the now-Fox News contributor tweet-slammed his old boss Tina Brown on Twitter, and got a quick and stinging rebuttal.

On Monday morning, Kurtz tweeted a New York Times article about Brown, citing the “chaos, waste and dysfunction” of the last days of Newsweek. The magazine’s former editor-in-chief was not amused, and immediately replied:

Kurtz left the Daily Beast one day after the publication was forced to retract his piece on Collins, in which he claimed the basketball player had hidden his former engagement to a woman, when Collins had spoken quite candidly about the relationship.

At the time, Kurtz portrayed the split as mutual:

Brown’s statement in May on Kurtz’s departure was vague, noting only that the two had “parted company.” Her sub-tweet today was the first time she has publicly stated that Kurtz was fired, and intimated that the Collins article may not have been the only incident of its kind.

[h/t TPM]

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