‘Today I Shed a Tear for the Country’: Dan Rather on the ‘Real Damage’ of Trump’s ‘Extreme Vetting’

Dan RatherLast night, after dozens of travelers from countries impacted by President Donald Trump’s ‘extreme vetting’ executive order were detained at airports across the country, news broadcasting veteran Dan Rather took to Facebook to comment about the situation.

In the post, which quickly went viral with over 100,000 shares and 255,000 likes, Rather remarked about the damage the action has done to America’s image:

After Rather posted his essay, a temporary stay was granted by a federal judge that prevented those who had already arrived in the US or were in transit from being sent back to their country of origin. The stay came while protests popped up at airports around the country.

Rather has turned to Facebook of late to provide commentary on the state of media and politics. He slammed climate change deniers as being “reality deniers” and targeted Kellyanne Conway and the Trump Administration for using “alternative facts.”

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