Today in Unfortunate Graphic Placements: Are These Olympic Divers Naked?

So about last night…

If you were watching NBC’s coverage of the men’s Synchronized Diving competition on Monday, it might have appeared as though the divers were naked, but for some network censorship. (Massive credit to Buzzfeed for drawing attention to one of the great quirks of NBC’s Olympic coverage.)

Y’see, after the divers leave the pool, NBC posts a graphic showing their scores. And the placement of that graphic makes it look like…well…this:


Yup. Those strategically placed score makes it seem as though the divers took a leap off the platform in the nude. And lest you think this was a one-off fluke, it wasn’t. It happened all night.






And of course, we couldn’t let the moment pass without showing you U.S. Silver medalist Steele Johnson…


[images via Buzzfeed and NBC]

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