Todd Akin On Evolution: ‘I Don’t See It As Even As A Matter Of Science’

Rep. Todd Akin, who is running against Sen. Claire McCaskill in the Missouri Senate race, raised doubts about the science behind evolution in audio obtained by ThinkProgress.

During a Tea Party meeting on Thursday, Akin said, “Well, I’ve taken a look at both sides of the thing. And it seems to me that evolution takes a tremendous amount of faith.”

“To have all of a sudden all of the different things that have to be lined up, to create something as sophisticated as life, it takes a lot of faith,” he added. “I don’t see it as even as a matter of science, because I don’t know if you can prove one or the other.”

Then, more broadly, Akin said rather than discussing such topics, he’s focused on emphasizing the choice between himself and McCaskill.

So, that’s one of those things — you know, we can talk about theology, and all kinds of science things, but I’m basically concerned about, you’ve got a choice between Claire McCaskill and myself. My job is to make the thing there. If you want to do theoretical stuff, we can do that, but I think I better stay on topic.

Akin, you’ll recall, made national headlines after his remarks about “legitimate rape,” claiming a woman’s body has defense mechanisms to prevent pregnancy as a result of rape.

Listen below:

(H/T ThinkProgress)

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