Tomi Lahren Bats Away Suggestion That Clinton Lost Due to Facebook’s ‘Fake News’

It’s been a while since we talked about Cheddar, the news startup that covers products and services “through the lens of the companies and executives” driving change. Cheddar is geared toward millennials and you may have noticed one of their streams auto-playing on your Twitter homepage as a result. You know who else is targeting millennials? Conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren is. Naturally, she appeared on Cheddar today to talk about the scourge of fake news.

Facebook has been under fire lately for failing to adequately address what many see is a fault in its algorithms that allows fake news to flourish and misinform countless people. At first, Mark Zuckerberg refused to admit that his site could have had a hand in how the election turned out, but now Facebook and Google are both “cracking down” on false stories.

The crackdown comes too little too late in many people’s eyes but Lahren, for one, agrees with Zuckerberg’s initial claims that the abundance of misinformation on social media had nothing to do with Donald Trump winning the election.

“Let’s just discuss the FBI investigation,” she said of Hillary Clinton‘s email woes. “That was certainly not a fake news story!”

In her signature fast-paced vocal cadence, she proclaimed that Trump won the election because of his “amazing outreach.”

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