Tommy Christopher Talks To Bill Press About Jake Tapper Rumors And The Romney Campaign

Mediaite’s own Tommy Christopher spent yesterday morning with Bill Press on his radio show, going through everything from America’s most popular baby names to the rumors that CNN might be courting Jake Tapper away from ABC News. Christopher doesn’t believe the latter will happen, and remains steadfast in thinking President Obama won’t be hurt by his same-sex marriage vote.

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The segment began with a news roundup that included the most popular baby names of the year and more Republican discord with musicians who find their music played at rallies without their permission. On the latter point, Christopher understood Republicans: “they can’t just play Ted Nugent.” They also touched upon Mitt Romney‘s alleged bullying incident, which Christopher though was less intrinsically important as the cover-up was indicative of something within Romney. “I don’t think the actual incident matters that much, the way he handled that story really says a lot about him…the weird non-denial,” he explained.

On the Jake Tapper matter, which Christopher cleared up in a report earlier this week, he noted that he couldn’t consider very likely that Tapper would leave ABC News. Press asked whether he thought it was possible Tapper would be groomed “to be the next Wolf Blitzer,” but Christopher didn’t see it: “Jake wouldn’t be the next anybody.”

The full segment from The Bill Press Show today below:

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