Touré Finally Returns to Twitter After Being Fired by MSNBC

Toure NeblettFormer MSNBC host Touré Neblett (who prefers to only go by his first name only) returned to Twitter more than a year after he apologized for tweets that were criticized for being insensitive to Holocaust victims and subsequently disappeared from the social medium.

Neblett tweeted out an article calling for slavery reparations and endorsing its arguments. One of his followers shot back that “My family survived a concentration camp, came to the US w/ nothing, LEGALLY, and made it work.” But Neblett responded by chalking their survival up to “the power of whiteness.”

A few days later, he was forced to apologize and stopped tweeting entirely (except for parody accounts and when his account was hacked):

But he suddenly returned August 1, the day after he was officially let go by MSNBC:

Perhaps the fact that he began tweeting immediately after being fired indicate that the Twitter hiatus was not actually self-imposed? We’ll leave that to readers.

[Image via screengrab]
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