Tracking Poll Shows Trump Gaining On Hillary Since Orlando Shooting

4thumbThe political media has been focusing on a new national poll that shows presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton widening her lead over Republican rival Donald Trump by three points in the course of a week. However, that poll was taken prior to Sunday’s terrorist mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, and included the period during which President Obama made public his endorsement of Hillary, while Donald Trump was still dealing with fallout from his racist comments about Judge Gonzalo Curiel. Another poll indicates that the shooting may be helping Trump in the polls.

According to Reuters’ presidential daily tracking poll, which uses a five-day rolling average, Hillary Clinton led Trump by almost 13 points as of Sunday, when the attack happened. Since then, that gap has narrowed to less than nine points, despite the fact that Trump has been taking a drubbing in the media for, among other things, suggesting that President Obama might be a terrorist sympathizer, accused American Muslims of harboring terrorists, and shutting out The Washington Post from covering the Trump campaign. Time will tell if the trend holds.

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