Trevor Noah Offers ISIS New Names For Its Record Label on The Daily Show

On Monday night, Trevor Noah of The Daily Show devoted his desk segment to covering the rise of ISIS and their contentious views of China. “Many people think of ISIS as terrorists with a violent hated of the West, but that’s a misconception. You see, they violently hate the East, too.”

A clip revealed the oldest living member of the Islamic State — an 80 year-old Chinese man who gave up his life to attend training camp to fight on behalf of ISIS. “After receiving a weapon, I asked permission to participate in battle,” the man in the video says.

“There’s something so cute about this guy! It’s almost like they radicalized the old man from ‘Up’,” Noah admitted.

The Daily Show host continued his focus on the recruitment tactics of ISIS, who has reportedly used music as a means of appealing to new¬†potential fighters. After rolling a brief clip that was produced from a group that identifies itself as the Alhayat Media Center, Noah offered up some more appropriate names for the ISIS record label. “That’s a weak-ass record label name if I’ve heard one ISIS.” He continued, “They could have at least gone with something cool, something like ‘Jihad-Unit,’ or ’72 Virgin Records’, or ‘Iraq-A-Fella’ — anything!”

Check out the above video from Comedy Central.

[image via screengrab]

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