Trevor Noah Trashes Trump’s Plan to Fix Tax Laws: Criminals Only Catch Criminals in Movies

screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-11-31-56-pmTonight on The Daily ShowTrevor Noah went in on Donald Trump. He played clips of the mogul complaining that too many rich people don’t pay enough taxes and told his audience about the New York Times bombshell that said Trump very likely only pays the bare minimum on his own federal income taxes.

Then, he showcased how Trump’s surrogates and spokespeople have been hailing him as a “genius” for finding tax loopholes and played clips of Trump saying he’s the only one qualified to fix tax laws as a result of his ability to get around them.

“Who could fix a broken system better than the guy who’s built his whole empire on that broken system?” he asked sarcastically. “That’s the best way to catch criminals, right? Well the police are the best way but still, in movies, you catch them with other criminals.”

He went on to wonder if Trump has been being a hero this whole time by setting a bad example so people could learn from his misogyny, racism, and body shaming how not to act.

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