Triathlete’s Ex-Wife Appears Bruised on TV to Shame Him For Allegedly Beating Her

There is a long post to be made about the exploitative trend of glamorizing domestic violence on daytime television, but this is not that post. Before we can ever get to that one, we need to get the facts out on this particular incident. It’s really arresting.

Nadezhda Semenyuk, a cyclist and former wife of triathlete Roman Paramonov, made a deliberate move to shame him for allegedly beating her by appearing on Let Them Speak, a popular Russian television program. The specific incident happened after their divorce, but she says he was physically abusive toward her in the relationship, too. He showed up on the program with flowers, which he tried to present to the woman who was still sporting a bandage on her nose and bruises under her eyes.

According to the Daily Mail, she sustained a broken nose and concussion in the attack. Paramonov was allegedly angry that she had begun a relationship with another man after their divorce.

He admitted, “I am guilty that I raised a hand on the woman I love and the mother of my children.”

The Mail says he will likely be charged with abuse. In late January, the Russian parliament voted 380-3 to decriminalize domestic violence.

Watch above to see his groveling apology and the spectacle with the flowers.

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