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Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Makes CNN Anchors Crack Up With Jokes About Scott Baio

Comedian Robert Smigel and his pal Triumph and Insult Comic Dog have been a late night fixture of this week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland, walking the ground of the convention and photobombing different live shots from cable news.

On Tuesday night, Triumph & Co. went to Facebook Live to deliver behind-the-scenes access of the event, as Smigel attempted to crash another round of broadcasts. “Make America work again? Really exciting stuff,” Triumph told CNN’s Jake Tapper sarcastically in reference to a Tweet that the network anchor sent out.

“Triumph, that was the theme of the evening,” Tapper told the canine about Monday night’s programming at the convention.

“Last night’s theme was ‘Get Scott Baio Some Work Again,'” he corrected Tapper, and the full gathered crowd immediately broke into laughter. Tapper, CNN’s Dana Bash, and Wolf Blitzer all began to crack up.

“That’s a good one, right? Even Wolf turned around for that one!” said Triumph. “Even Wolf likes that!”

As for some of the other C-List starpower that has graced the convention floor — like actor Antonio Sabato Jr. — Triumph appropriately weighed in. “It’s like I’m watching three seasons of Celebrity Rehab all in one night.”

“Incredible stuff!” he said, making Wolf Blitzer continue to laugh. Watch the above video from Facebook Live to see Triumph work the room at the Cleveland convention.

[image via screengrab]

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