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Trove of Documents Shed Light on Trump’s Relationship With the Clintons

clintons trumpA cache of documents recently released by the Clinton library shed light on the relationship between Donald Trump and the Clintons.

They include a 1999 statement prepared for the then-president in the event that he was asked about the prospect of celebrities, like Trump, running for president:

I don’t think what I’ve done has anything to do with such political developments. We go through all sorts of cycles in politics and we’re in one now where some people from the entertainment world are talking about running for president. That’s not a first by the way. So it’s a free country. People can chart their own course and the political process will sort out the wheat from the chaff. I’m not concerned about it.

Another article from the trove of documents is a scan of an inscription page Trump penned for a Clinton staffer. Per Time magazine:

Trump inscribed a copy of his book for Mark Middleton, then a White House aide. The Clinton Library released a scan of the inscription, which reads, “To Mark- Best wishes. Your mom is the best,” (yes, ‘the best’ is really underlined), and then Trump’s signature.

There’s also this gem, from a 1993 draft of talking points, indicating that Trump’s preoccupation with his poll numbers began long before the election: “In one USA Today poll on Donald Trump, three out of every four calls were traced to Trump associates.”

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