Trump Actually Did Go Over Part of his Medical Results with Dr. Oz After All

trump2-1Despite previous reports stating that he wouldn’t, Donald Trump ended up surprising Dr. Mehmet Oz with a portion of his medical records during their Wednesday taping of The Dr. Oz Show.

The subject of Trump’s health has been getting renewed attention over the past several weeks, particularly with regard to the odd letter Dr. Harold Bornstein wrote about Trump’s condition several months ago. Earlier today, the Trump campaign instead that Trump and Oz would talk about general health topics, rather than looking at the real estate mogul’s most recent physical examination.

CNN Money received an announcement from the show stating that Oz did look at a one-page summary of Trump’s records, as well as “a full review of systems” for Trump’s medical record. These health details reportedly included the GOP nominee’s respiratory health, the state of his nervous system, and his family’s medical history.

Both Trump and Hillary Clinton have been scrutinized by the media for not releasing more comprehensive information about their respective physical conditions. In Clinton’s case, this spotlight became especially bright when it was revealed she was recovering from a bout with pneumonia.

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