Trump Adviser AJ Delgado: ‘Nasty Woman’ Line Was About Clinton’s ‘Policy Positions’

According to senior Donald Trump adviser AJ Delgado, the mogul’s comment about how Hillary Clinton is “such a nasty woman” was not, in fact, a personal attack.

During a conversation with Delgado, Yahoo’s Bianna Golodryga noted that Trump’s quip is fueling his critics and endangering his position with undecided voters. Delgado said that Trump was voicing America’s dislike for Clinton at the time, but Golodryga asked why the mogul couldn’t just stick to the issues.

When Delgado said the remarks were a substantive remark, Golodryga was taken aback and reminded her “that was a personal attack.”

“Based on her policy positions,” Delgado shot back, going on about how the remarks were definitely made in reference to Clinton’s past and policy perspectives.

AJ Delgado was previously a columnist for Mediaite.

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