Trump Adviser Says There’s a ‘Possibility’ Trump is ‘Playing Us’ by Saying He Knows New Hacking Info

On New Year’s Eve, President-elect Donald Trump told reporters at Mar-a-Lago that he knows things that others don’t when it comes to information on whether Russia was involved in hacking the election.

Well, during an interview on CNN this afternoon, a Trump national security adviser revealed his belief that the incoming POTUS may just be playing with the American public about what he does and doesn’t know.

In response to host Jim Sciutto’s questions about what Trump knows that intelligence agencies and Congress don’t, former CIA head James Woolsey explained that hacking leaves “room for weaving around like this.” Sciutto asked, “You’re saying he is weaving around by talking about this putative information?”

Woolsey explained that by doing this, Trump generates new headlines like he did during the campaign, Sciutto wanted to know if he was saying Trump was “playing us.”

“There is a possibility that he is a little bit, yes,” a smiling Woolsey answered.

A somewhat shocked Sciutto questioned the ex-CIA head, “Is that something a president-elect should be doing on a serious issue of national security?”

When Woolsey said Trump wasn’t “interfering interfering with anything or talking about anything classified,” Sciutto replied that it struck him as “interfering because this is an ongoing investigation.”

They would then go on to discuss the level of hacking that was involved and how dangerous it was.

Watch the entire interview above, via CNN.

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