Trump Calls on Senate Republicans to ‘STAY UNITED’ on Border Vote: You’re ‘Not Voting on Constitutionality or Precedent…’

President Donald Trump got on Twitter Wednesday to call on Senate Republicans to get behind him with the upcoming vote on his national emergency.

“Senate Republicans are not voting on constitutionality or precedent, they are voting on desperately needed Border Security & the Wall,” Trump says. “Our Country is being invaded with Drugs, Human Traffickers, & Criminals of all shapes and sizes. That’s what this vote is all about. STAY UNITED!”

Ever since Trump declared a national emergency to seize federal funding to start the construction of a southern border wall, there has been a divide among Congressional Republicans about how they feel about the move. While Trump’s most hardcore defenders are defending his use of executive authority, several of the Senate’s conservative members have expressed concern about the constitutionality of Trump’s emergency and the precedents it could establish for the future.

The House of Representatives has passed a resolution denouncing Trump’s emergency declaration, and indications suggest that the resolution could prevail in the Senate as well. Trump is likely to veto the resolution.

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