Trump Chides Sanders for Making a ‘Deal with the Devil’ and Supporting Clinton


Like the majority of his Republican counterparts, when Bernie Sanders failed to nab the Democratic nomination for the presidency, he endorsed his party’s candidate. (Well, the Democrats aren’t exactly Sanders’ party, but let’s not get into semantics so early on a Sunday. You know what we mean.)

Donald Trump should know a thing or two about that. He grabbed up the endorsements of Chris ChristieMike Huckabee, and even a very reluctant Ted Cruz after they dropped from the race. Still, he attacked Sanders for his endorsement of Hillary Clinton in a speech yesterday.

Trump made reference to the leaked audio that showed Clinton saying Democrats and politicians in general should be “understanding” about Sanders’ former supporters, many of whom have been disillusioned by the lack of jobs available to them. She described them as “children of the Great Recession” living in their “parents’ basements,” which has been interpreted by some as a slam against Millennials and Sanders supporters when it was meant as a call for unity.

Trump went on to say Sanders made “the deal with the Devil” when he endorsed Clinton, which could be seen as a little hypocritical, given how shocked people were when Cruz endorsed him after the mogul insulted Cruz’s wife and father. That wasn’t the only hypocritical element of yesterday’s speech, either; Trump also wondered during that address if Clinton ha been unfaithful to husband Bill Clinton.

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