Trump Complains at Rally About the ‘Terrible’ Media ‘Distorting’ His Crowd Sizes

Donald Trump waged war with the media this week for allegedly downplaying his crowd sizes (because if you’ve ever heard him speak, you know he likes to constantly brag about and is very hypersensitive about the YUGE-ness of his crowds) and so, naturally, he complained about it during a rally today.

Yesterday Trump picked a fight with The New York Times for pointing out there were empty seats at his Charleston event, and really, seriously, unbelievably lashed out an an AP reporter for taking a photo of those empty seats.

He was so angry he called the photographer a “fucking thief” and a “fraud.”

Today Trump railed against the “terrible” media and claimed they just love to “distort” the size of his crowds, predicting they would do it again.

And then Trump instructed every cameraperson to zoom out and show the size of his crowd. He kept complaining and yelling at them to pan around to show the full size of the crowds, before predicting that the media will ignore his crowd size.

[image via screengrab]

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