Trump Criticizes South Korea’s ‘Appeasement’ of North Korea Following Hydrogen Bomb Test


Early this morning, it was reported that North Korea had successfully tested a hydrogen bomb that caused a 6.3-magnitude tremor in the country. This comes in the wake of the country claiming it was able to fit the h-bomb onto a long-range intercontinental missile.

Following the news of the bomb test, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to provide his reaction. And he decided to use his tweets to toss some criticism at a democratic ally, an ally that is most directly threatened by North Korea.

The New York Times’ Glenn Thrush provided the following observation on the way Trump spoke of South Korea compared to China regarding the North Korea threat:

Also, in recent days, the president has instructed his team to prepare for a withdrawal from the free-trade agreement between the United States and South Korea, something that could create economic tensions between the two countries during this crisis with North Korea.

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