Trump Diversity Leader: Journalists Would Have Kept Slaves Enslaved in Early America

screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-5-12-35-pmBrunell Donald-Kyei is the vice-chair of Diversity Outreach at the National Diversity Coalition for Trump and she appeared on Breitbart News Daily today, where she spoke at length about being disillusioned over President Barack Obama‘s hope and change and putting America first.

She also spoke about the media. Here’s what she said:

Imagine if, during slavery, and during the civil rights movement, and during the times when our country, the Framers, were coming about, thinking they were going to make our country free. Imagine if the journalists only told one side of the story. We would still be slaves. Black people would still be slaves, if journalists, if people were not neutral, and didn’t just tell the news the way it was.

And so that’s when you know our country is in trouble. When you have journalists, who are supposed to be neutral, who are supposed to be sort of the voice of the people, who are the voice of the elitists, of the establishment, of the people who want to continue to control the 99 percent of us – that scared me to death, when I realized that our media is actually picking a side.

Listen to the entire thing here:

The media’s alleged bias has taken center stage this election, but her ideas about slavery are a new perspective, for sure.

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