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Trump Doesn’t Remember the Time He Said He Has the World’s Best Memory

donald-trump1-300x1971-300x197Remember when Donald Trump insisted he could personally recall instances of thousands of Muslims cheering on 9/11? You know, the instances that he had exactly zero evidence for? Well, perhaps with all the other stuff Trump has said since then, most of us have long since forgotten one of the most Trumpian things Trump has ever said on the campaign trail.

Back in November, NBC News’ Katy Tur spoke with Trump about this and she specifically quoted him as saying that he has “the world’s best memory and that everybody knows that.”

Well, that quote came up in Trump’s recent testimony about Trump University. See, according to Politico, the Donald professed to not remember certain details or documents related to the lawsuit. One lawyer brought up that quote of his about his great, great memory, and this is what ensued (per NBC News):

LAWYER: You’ve stated, though, that you have one of the best memories in the world?

TRUMP: I don’t know. Did I use that expression?


TRUMP: Where? Could I see it?

LAWYER: I can play a video of you reporting it.

TRUMP: Did I say I have a great memory or one of the best in the world?

LAWYER: “One of the best in the world” is what the reporter quoted you as saying.

TRUMP: I don’t remember saying that. As good as my memory is, I don’t remember that, but I have a good memory.

So Trump doesn’t remember that time he said he has the best memory.

Tur confirmed again today that was actually what he said to her:

Just take a moment to process this…

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