Trump Fires Back at Merkel: Germany ‘Very Bad For U.S.’


Donald Trump is home.

After some unusually presidential activity during his time abroad and over Memorial Day weekend, the 45th president returned to Twitter to release the fury. His target this time, was none other than America’s staunchest European ally — Germany.

In an Tuesday morning blast, Trump slammed the country, accusing it of freeloading in the NATO alliance and being “very bad for” the United States.

While it’s never 100% clear what motivates any single Tweet — unless Fox & Friends is on — the Germany bashing was likely a result of a frosty encounter with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Donald Trump’s recent visit with NATO leaders in Belgium. While still in Europe, Trump reportedly said that German car sales in the U.S. were “very bad” (that was later walked back). In the immediate aftermath of the visit, Merkel also made headlines by openly saying that her country could no longer rely on the U.S. as an ally.

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