Trump Goes on Tweetstorm, Promises ‘Retribution’ to Companies Leaving the US


trump-9Donald Trump‘s deal with Carrier attracted both praise and criticism last week, and the President-elect took to Twitter this morning to warn companies that there will be consequences if they engage in outsourcing.

At an address in Indianapolis, Trump warned that there will be certain penalties in store for industries that move jobs out of the country and then sell their products back into the US. This occurred as he celebrated a deal that will keep approximately 1,000 jobs in the US.

The deal has not been without controversy however. Sarah Palin said that imposing the government’s will on businesses is an act of “crony capitalism,” and Wall Street Journal has warned that Trump’s “arm-twisting” interferes with the free market and could cost jobs in the long run.

To address all of this, Trump got on Twitter this morning and reiterated his position.

Carrier will receive a $7 million dollar tax break over the deal, though the company has told it’s employees that 1,300 jobs will still be moved to Mexico.

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