Trump Has Postponed Announcement About His Business and Potential Conflicts Until January

donald-trump-1President-elect Donald Trump has postponed his news conference that was expected to address how he will handle his business and potential conflicts of interest as president.

There have been a lot of questions about Trump’s ties to his business and even the author of a very anti-Clinton book signed onto a letter calling on Trump to divest from his business interests.

Chris Wallace confronted Trump about his multiple conflicts yesterday, and it had been expected that Trump would have held a news conference Thursday to address the issue once and for all before he takes office.

But as multiple news outlets are reporting tonight, Team Trump is saying that announcement is being delayed until next month. Per CNN:

“The announcement has been rescheduled for next month,” said Trump spokesperson Hope Hicks.

The postponement is largely because of the transition’s focus on personnel, but also underscores the complexities facing Trump lawyers as they try and figure this whole thing out, one transition official said. “This isn’t exactly easy stuff,” the [anonymous] official said of the process.

It is believed Trump will set the date for before his January 20th inauguration.

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