Trump Hates When SNL Goes After Him, But Back in the 1990s Newt Gingrich Reacted Like This

Donald Trump really hates when he gets made fun of on Saturday Night Live. He tweets about it. His Press Secretary calls it “mean.” Kellyanne Conway has taken the lampooning more in stride, but even she’s remarked on it.

Contrast all of that with Newt Gingrich who, back in the day, was present for — and participated in — one of his own skewering sessions at the hands of Chris Farley. The in-person ribbing took place on April 4, 1995, when Farley attended a meeting of the House Republican Conference in full Gingrich cosplay.

At the time, the Speaker was aware of his sketch comedy counterpart. Farley had performed as Gingrich at least four months before the meeting in a skit with Janeane Garofalo. In spite of seeing himself portrayed in such a silly way, Gingrich still played along gamely when the comedian came to D.C. to impersonate him on his own turf. That wasn’t the last time Gingrich got the SNL treatment, either; Farley and David Spade later teamed up during one SNL episode to roast the politician, though Gingrich wasn’t present that time.

Above, watch as Farley pretends to be Gingrich during his Speaker of the House days, then makes the man himself swear on a can of Diet Coke that he won’t kill Big Bird and will write a book more interesting than Al Gore‘s. Gingrich laughs along with it all.

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