Trump Hints at Imminent Government Shutdown Ahead of Meeting with ‘Chuck and Nancy’

President Trump is meeting with Congressional leadership today to negotiate tax reform and a new spending bill. However, by the look of his latest tweet, he doesn’t think there’s really any point to this.

Congress has until December 8 to pass a bill that would avert a possible government shutdown. Even though both sides have reportedly proposed a short-term stopgap to postpone negotiations, any new spending bill is likely to be wrapped up in a multitude of partisan issues, which could lead to a new round of arguments and stalemates on Capitol Hill.

The last time Trump negotiated with Democrats on debt limits, he ended up accepting a deal for a short-term budget increase that also allowed for federal relief funding after Hurricane Harvey. There’s a chance that Democrats will use today’s negotiation to continue their previous efforts to establish legal protections for DACA recipients, as well as a border security plan which doesn’t include a wall.

UPDATE – 11:38 a.m. EST: “Chuck and Nancy” seem to agree with Trump that their meeting would be pointless, because they just announced its no longer going to happen.

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