Trump in 2013: U.S. Needs to ‘Leave Borders Behind,’ Embrace Global Economy

trump-8In a 2013 op-ed for CNN, Donald Trump stressed the need for a “cohesive global economy” and argued that the financial health of the United States depended on increasing economic ties with other nations.

“I think we’ve all become aware of the fact that our cultures and economics are intertwined. It’s a complex mosaic that cannot be approached with a simple formula for the correct pattern to emerge. In many ways, we are in unchartered waters,” he wrote in the op-ed, unearthed by Business Insider Wednesday.

“I’ve long been a believer in the ‘look at the solution, not the problem’ theory,”  In this case, the solution is clear. We will have to leave borders behind and go for global unity when it comes to financial stability,” he argued.

“The future of Europe, as well as the United States, depends on a cohesive global economy. All of us must work toward together toward that very significant common goal,” Trump concluded.

Trump’s globalist rhetoric in 2013 is a far cry from his 2016 campaign rhetoric, in which Trump has supported a more isolationist policy and the closing of economic (and literal) borders. Most recently, Trump attacked his opponent Hillary Clinton for a leaked speech transcript showing she supported “a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders,” and has used the term “globalist” as a pejorative.

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